W6: Building My Personal Network

Tweets Tweets Tweets


cool cat you’ve done it again. This tweet exposed me to a lot of good games to use on iPads! Even some ones that you can play with your students as a free trial. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, the obsession iPads create in children, so I truly believe we don’t have to take them away but can find apps and other uses for them that benefit the child. Also mentioned in the website on this tweet is international digital field trips!

This tweet leads you to a website where WOOCs are discussed. A WOOC is a pretty cool concept, free courses for whoever. This would be an excellent opportunity for students with mild disabilities to utilize. They could choose a topic about whatever is most interesting to them and learn about it at their own pace, however they want. WOOC has blogs and videos but also experts to ask questions too. A student has never gotten to be more independent about their learning!

This tweet doesn’t have a ton to do with technology but I liked the article that it led to. A lot of students struggle with procrastination and deadlines, especially those students with LD or other disabilities. One of the main causes of this procrastination is a lack of organization and time frame skills. When a teacher presents a big project they don’t necessarily dissect and look at all the parts it will take until the night before. This article goes over a guideline on how teachers might be able to help students with procrastination.

We had a new addition to our PLN this week and that was to begin using feebly . Feebly is a resource that takes a person’s interest and finds blogs or websites related to it. This week I chose to focus on how tech and education were related. One particular post I found to be interesting came from ilearntechnology.com. It was about how students and their teachers created a museum in their classroom! They used a concept “How we got to Now” I’ll have to check out this documentary but basically after participating in this the kids felt like it was a series of dominos that led up to the present. So their museum was set up like a pathway of dominos. The blog includes pictures and a video, you’ll have to check it out!



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